Eau de Parfum «ADORA Première»

Eau de Parfum «ADORA Première»

Being forever young, bright and soft ADORA Première composition starts with refreshing proem of sparkling citrus notes of Sicily orange flowers in tender framework of green leaves and decorated by lily and freesia patterns. The heart note of this romantic perfume is composed of the gorgeous white rose bouquet tied with shades of sweety jasmin and fresh bamboo stems. The vanilla note enwraps this flower melody with unrepeatable gingery charm in a very gentle and warm way. The harmony of the oriental base, twisted by sandalwood and white musk creates a complex and very pure aftertaste of this immaculate perfume.

Family: fruity;
Top Notes: Sicily Orange Flowers, Freesia, Lily
Middle notes: Bamboo stems, Jasmin, Rose
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, White musk

Volume 100 ml

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