Night Cream 35+ Regenerating

Night Cream 35+ Regenerating
The cream is rich in active ingredients that nourish the skin during a night rest, freeing it from daily stress and tension. Night Cream contains a unique set of components designed to preserve youthful skin.

The coconut oil is famous since the days of Cleopatra, it was considered indispensable for the maintenance of female youth and beauty.

Lecithin improves the skin's immune system, has a stimulating, health-improving and softening action.

The cream has a pleasant sweet smell, soft consistency. It is quickly absorbed, softens the skin, giving it an extraordinary smoothness and silkiness, as well as firmness and elasticity. You wake up in all the splendor of beauty of the refreshed skin!
Method of application

Additional Information

Method of application. Apply on the clean face skin before going to bed.