Mission and Strategic Goals

The nature serves as the main component of cosmetic products, manufactured by Viorica. The company products combine the energy of herbal extracts, fragrance of flowers and fruits, as well as the expertise of our best cosmetologists.

Our objective is to follow the "Save and Grow" approach with regards to the natural beauty of our customers. Our products contain natural ingredients, matching the international environmental standards and are suitable for all skin types. Positioning itself on the Moldovan market as a leader among domestic cosmetic products manufacturers, Viorica undertakes a mission to supply the country’s population with the best cosmetic skin and hair care products. In its cosmetic preparations, Viorica is making use of the precious gifts of nature: unique plants that one could find in the Moldovan Codru area only, as well as the best world plants used in the beauty industry.

Along with acquiring the new status of a private enterprise, new investments and designing new doing business processes, the JSC Viorica-Cosmetic is being guided by the new strategic concepts on development of high-tech production and marketing policy while having its targets set as follows:

  • Ongoing analysis of consumers market in order to identify the customers’ needs and requirements in regard to the cosmetic products, along with rapid adaptation to production and, accordingly, sales of most demanded products;
  • Use of the natural raw materials, produced by the company itself, in a bid to eliminate any harmful effects to the consumers’ health;
  • Development of the products that carry high utility value to the consumer;
  • Diversification and ongoing improvement of cosmetic products in line with the innovative developments in this sector; 
  • Loyalty to consumers by maintaining reasonable price-quality correlation; 
  • Attracting foreign investors and promoting cosmetic products into new external markets.