Mission and Strategic Goals

The fundamental values that shape and shift the course of our company are dedication to natural beauty through natural products, innovation as a driving force that directs us towards new achievements and accountability as an expression of respect for our customers.

The source of inspiration and the raw material is found in the nature of our country. In the Republic of Moldova grow numerous plants, trees and shrubs that are rich in active ingredients, which we use in our products. Plant extracts, vegetable and essential oils are the ingredients that make daily care more effective, safer and more enjoyable.

The company Viorica-Cosmetic clearly understands its strengths in a world that is increasingly aware of the importance and the efficiency of natural products.

The definition and development of the company’s strategy to create a modern and strong brand are conditioned by a number of factors:

• Continuous analysis of the market, identifying the needs and expectations of the customers in regard to cosmetic products and rapid adaptation for the production and marketing of the requested products;

• Use of raw material of vegetal origin of own production;

• Developing useful and needed products for our customers;

• Diversification and continuous improvement of cosmetic products according to the innovations in the beauty industry;

• Loyalty to the customers by maintaining the balance between the reasonable prices and quality;

• Attracting international partners and promoting cosmetics on foreign markets.