Lactic Acid
Lactic Acid Lactic Acid

Ingredient name:
Lactic acid

INCI Name:

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is a natural substance, which belongs to alpha-hydroxy acids. It has a gentle exfoliating effect, which stimulates the skin to actively produce ceramides, improving its barrier function.

Lactic acid has a potent moisturizing effect, creating an aqueous shell around itself. It also aids in the proper distribution of water towards the deep layers of the dermis.

Unlike other organic acids, lactic acid is recommended for use on even the most sensitive skin. It is also known for its ability to prevent the clogging of the sebaceous glands and the formation of blackheads.

Why it’s good for your skin

  • Ensures deep hydration of the skin
  • Visibly improves complexion and skin appearance
  • Relieves inflammation and stimulates skin healing
  • Improves skin elasticity and smooths out wrinkles
  • Stimulates the production of healthy cells, helps to reduce hyperpigmentation

Why it’s good for your hair

  • Softens the hair, makes hair more pliant
  • Opens the cuticles of the hair shaft, improving its ability to absorb beneficial ingredients
  • Gives blond hair a natural platinum tone

Why it’s good for your body

  • Nourishes the skin with moisture
  • Relieves minor inflammation and creates unfavorable conditions for pathogen life forms
  • Stimulates cell renewal process
  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars


Individual intolerance.

Scientific evidence

[1] The importance of skin acidity, as the product of lactic acid, has been proven in 1942, for the prevention of skin infections and diseases.

With topical application, lactic acid significantly improves skin barrier function and reduces sensitivity to sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).


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