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Eau de Parfum “Bellator Meridian”

Eau de Parfum “Bellator Meridian”

199,00 MDL

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Eau de Parfum “Bellator Meridian”

199,00 MDL

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Bellator Meridian – freshness, fog, dew drop, meditativeness and freedom are the core features of this man’s fragrance inner word. This man always seeks the truth, is willing to embrace the world and strives eternally to understand the essence of the existence. The scent is colored with lime and white pepper bright explosion. At the same time green tea and salt freshness are decorated by the flickering woody aroma elements.

“Either find a way, or make one”. Hannibal Barca

Family: woody, floral, musk
Top Notes: lime, white pepper
Middle notes: green tea leaves, sea salt
Base Notes: amber, cedar

Volume: 100 ml

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