Leader of the essential oil industry

The history of the Viorica brand begins with the development of the essential oil industry in the Republic of Moldova in the 50s of the XXth century. The soil relief and quality, along with the mild climate, made it possible to grow high-quality aromatic plants for the production of essential oils, such as rose, lavender, sage, mint, fennel, iris, and other.

Mihai Hincu

Until the early 80’s, the industry was being developed by creating small farms where valuable plants were grown and processed. Thanks to the efforts and full dedication of Mihai Hincu, who had devoted 43 years of his life to this industry, all stages of the production of essential oils were soon mastered: growing of aromatic plants, processing of raw materials, production of oils and, finally, the production and sale of finished cosmetic products and perfumes.

In 1980, at the insistence and request of Mihai Hincu, the Council of Ministers of the USSR made a historic decision to build a perfumery and cosmetics factory Viorica in Chisinau. International experts were involved in the development of the project. The renowned French factory Christian Dior was used as a design model for the new Moldovan factory, which helped contribute the experience and technical expertise of a recognized industry leader.


On May 12th, 1989, Viorica company commenced its activity. Modern equipment from Germany guaranteed high quality products and great production capacity. In less than a year, Viorica has become one of the main suppliers of cosmetics, perfumes, cleaning products and hygiene products in USSR.


A popular Moldovan female name, as well as the name of the purple perennial flower lat. Viola Odorata.

New era

2012 was a turning point in the company’s history. Viorica was privatized by the Daac Hermes Group holding. The extensive investment program that followed allowed the brand to update and expand the product portfolio, to purchase new equipment made in Germany and Spain. Most importantly, the Research & Development Department was expanded and the two laboratories of the factory were refurbished.


A significant step in the company’s development was the 2016 launch of Viopark – its own ecological farm . Here dozens of plant species are grown in accordance with the principles of organic farming, and are then used as raw materials for the production of Viorica cosmetic products. The project was developed with the support of an international expert in the field of permaculture, Austrian scientist Sepp Holzer.

The science in cosmetics

Today, Viorica is a modern company that produces clean cosmetics based on raw materials of vegetal origin, completely giving up the use of harmful components. Thanks to our scientific team of biologists, phyto-chemists and dermatologists, Viorica is continuously developing its own products, as well as actively cooperating with leading German, Swiss and Spanish research laboratories.
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