Reed Diffuser
Reed Diffuser Moldavian Lavender & Rosemary

Reed Diffuser Moldavian Lavender & Rosemary

245,00 MDL


Reed Diffuser Moldavian Lavender & Rosemary

245,00 MDL

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In this comforting scent spicy notes splendidly blend with citrus and earthy accents. It is nothing short of herb and spice rhapsody, Moldovan lavender being its dazzling soloist. Interior fragrance creates a meditative mood and mentally takes you to endless purple fields whose rustic magnificence is impossible to resist.

The scent starts with citrus-floral notes smoothly transitioning into a spicy ‘heart’. Finishing accents are calm and warm.

Top notes: eucalyptus, camphor, orange, lime, freesia, lavender
Middle notes: lavandin, pine, thyme, clove
Base notes: vanilla, musk, earthy notes, patchouli

Reed sticks quickly absorb and slowly evaporate the fragrant oil, emanating a pleasant scent that lingers in the air for a long time.

The reed diffuser is the perfect fragrance solution for home and office spaces.

Volume: 100 ml


Step 1 – remove metallic cap and stopper.

Step 2 – place the metallic cap back on.

Step 3 – position reeds inside the bottle.

Step 4 – once reeds are immersed in oil, turn the reeds over and reinsert into the glass with oil-soaked ends now exposed to the air.

For optimum levels of fragrance remember to turn your reeds once a day.

Fragrance lifespan is 8 weeks and will vary with surrounding environmental conditions.

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