Peony extract
Peony extract Peony extract

Ingredient name:
Peony extract

Peony extract

In cosmetology, peony is used for skin rejuvenation, as well as a nourishing and moisturizing ingredient that smooths out minor wrinkles and evens out the skin relief. Peony extract contains phytosterols, alpha-tocopherol, terpenes, benzoic acid, phytol and peonol. All these substances enrich cosmetics with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and healing properties. The extract of this fragrant flower protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals generated by UV-radiation.

Why it’s good for your skin

  • Protects the skin from harmful UV-exposure
  • Fights pathogenic flora and relieves skin inflammation
  • Normalizes metabolic processes in the skin and improves skin elasticity

Why it’s good for your hair

  • Stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss
  • Intensively nourishes the scalp and prevents moisture loss
  • Fights dandruff
  • Makes hair pliant and shiny

Why it’s good for your body

  • Has a deodorizing and refreshing effect
  • Reduces inflammation, relieves itching and irritation
  • Moisturizes and normalizes the skin water balance


Individual intolerance.

Scientific evidence

[1],[2] Peony extract has a proven anti-inflammatory effect.



[3] Peony extract is capable of restoring the skin’s protective barrier.


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