Essential Oils
Peppermint essential oil, 10 мл
Essential oil

Peppermint essential oil, 10 мл

60,00 MDL

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Essential oil

Peppermint essential oil, 10 мл

60,00 MDL

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  • Synthetic fragrance-freeSynthetic fragrance-free
  • Synthetic colorant-freeSynthetic colorant-free
  • Mineral oil freeMineral oil free
  • Preservatives freePreservatives free


Recommendations: when added to cosmetic products (1-2 drops per 10 ml of cosmetic base), lemon essential oil enhances skin barrier functions and has a mild antiseptic effect. As indoor fragrance (4-6 drops per 15 m2) it helps eliminate nausea and dizziness, acts beneficially on the respiratory function, helps restore energy and reduce nervous strain.

Warnings: test individually. Avoid overdosing. Do not apply on skin directly (in pure form). Long-term use may cause disturbance of sleep pattern. Not to be used during pregnancy and lactation. Not suitable for children and people with epilepsy. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. For external use only.

Storage conditions: Keep in a tightly closed glass bottle at temperatures between +5° and +25° C. Keep out of children’s reach. Protect from direct sunlight.

Volume 10 ml


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