May 12, 1989 turned into a remarkable event for the Moldovan cosmetic products market. Opened on that day, the perfumery and cosmetic factory Viorica became the largest in Moldova. Since the onset of its activity, Viorica has established itself as a high quality nationwide scale brand. The inaugural products of the factory were shampoos Victoria and Viorel, as well as the line Victoritsa and Victorash, set up for children.

At the extent of the entire period of doing business, loyalty to the customers and producing high quality affordable products were and still are the main principles, pursued by the company. On the numerous occasions, the company’s products were gaining awards as the winners of national and international exhibitions and contests. 

Privatization of the company in the summer of 2012, when the JSC Viorica-Cosmetic became part of DAAC-Hermes Group holding, became a milestone in the company development. Investments, made by the new owner, allowed to expand company’s production capacity, renew and diversify the range of products, reappear in the market with new brands and make a decisive push forward.

At the onset of 2014, Viorica expanded the range of its products, introducing new product line, Cosmeplant, which is based on the natural plant extracts. This was only the beginning. Soon two new cosmetic product lines Flovio and Violelle became available for the customers. These products were manufactured, using oil-bearing plants grown exclusively on the territory of Moldova, as well as high quality imported oils. Outstanding quality and positioning of new Flovio and Violelle lines allowed the company to obtain its leading position on the Moldovan cosmetics market.


Over the years, the JSC Viorica-Cosmetic became the prizewinner of dozens of contests and is the recipient of numerous medals and awards, among which: 

  • Grand Prix Golden Mercury;
  • Brand of the Year (since 2005 through 2014);
  • State award for the achievements in quality, productivity and competitiveness;
  • Quality Certificate of a company with the largest portfolio of industrial property objects registered in Moldova.

Year 2014 has resulted in becoming the prizewinner of two major awards: "Brand of the Year" and "Award for the Outstanding Quality Products."

Viorica-Cosmetic's company is the holder of the International Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2008, which also confirms the high level of quality of company-manufactured products. 


 Another performance as important for the company is represented by the certificate of accreditation of the laboratory tests in the company "Viorica-Cosmetic".