Viorica-Cosmetic was opened on May 12, 1989, being from the start the largest cosmetics and perfumery manufacturer in the country, a status preserved to this day. The first products of the factory were "Victoria", "Viorel" shampoos and the "Victoriţa" and "Victoraş" children's line.

All these years, the company's basic principles have been and still are the loyalty towards the customers, quality of the products at affordable prices, and last but not least, innovation to match our customers' wishes and expectations.

A significant milestone in the company's business path is the privatization by the Daac-Hermes Group in 2012. The investments allowed the company to gain new production opportunities, update and expand the line of products. 

A significant step in the development of the company was the launch of the VIO-Parc ecological plantation – an important project, curated by the Daac-Hermes holding and designed with the support of the international expert in natural farming, the Sepp Holzer from Austria. Currently a part of the raw material (vegetal oils, flowers, fruit and plant roots extracts) is obtained from crops grown in VIO-Park. The purpose of this eco-plantation is to cultivate plants in a clean environment, free of chemical treatments, to ensure the impeccable quality and safety of natural extracts. Plants are harvested manually to keep all their benefits intact.

The absolute priority of product quality and safety, as well as innovation, respect for the consumer has given the company recognition and appreciation, Viorica-Cosmetic being rewarded numerous times at national and international competitions and exhibitions.

Two significant directions that drive the company's business are the expansion of product lines and the widening of the sales market, with the major emphasis on export.


During its activity Viorica-Cosmetic has won numerous competitions and received numerous medals and awards. The company's record proudly includes:• Gran-Prix "Golden Mercury";

• "Brand of the Year" (2005 to 2014);

• State Award for Achievements in Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness;

• The quality certificate of the company that owns the largest portfolio of industrial property rights registered in the Republic of Moldova;

• Mark of the Year 2014;

• Quality Award, 2014;

The company is the holder of the ISO 9001:2015 international quality management certificate and the certificate of accreditation of the testing laboratory of Viorica-Cosmetic company.